Alienware Aurora Gaming PC – Features Specs & Images

Alienware Aurora Gaming PC Features

The last Alienware Aurora ALX (Core i7) had a newly designed chassis with a motorized set of louvers that angled out of the top of the system to aid cooling. They were also an attempt to look cool, literally and figuratively. But Google “Alienware vent problems” and you’ll see a slew of user complains on Dell’s community boards, with several of the suggested fixes involving replacing the vent assembly. So that’s what Alienware has done, by using a simple perforated top cover on this model instead. Otherwise this Aurora’s chassis is the same as the previous one, with the same multi-zone lighting effects, easy-to-open side door, and strange extraterrestrial writing in spots around the chassis.

Alienware Aurora Gaming PC Specifications

    * Type Gaming
    * Processor Family Intel Core i7
    * RAM 4 GB
    * Storage Capacity 2000 GB
    * Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 6950 CrossFireX
    * Primary Optical Drive Blu-Ray Disc
    * Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium